Sunday, 2 September 2012

colours of ile de re

as promised a little more on our trip to france. I felt very inspired by the ile de re, which had a very chilled out vibe and was very relaxed. we heard very few english voices in a week. All of the shutters on the buildings on the island are painted in soft chalky tones.
we had just finished shooting the new collection when we left, and some of the colours we have going on in the new collection are veery redolent of the colours in france (more on colour inspiration later!)
anyway here is a little selection of ile de re, which is making me feel very wistful.....

 everybody cycles everywhere which i also loved because you were n't dodging cars (always a trial with small children in tow).

the streets and cycle paths were overflowing with wild flowers and hollyhocks.

 there are vast expanses of wild marshland and salt flats

beautiful blues of sea and sky


  1. Lovely photos I especially like the Route du Roc that would make a great postcard
    Sally :)

  2. Beautiful shots, I would love to visit.