Tuesday, 15 June 2010

visually beautiful

today i am having a "stop the world i need to get off" type of day. jo and i had arranged to strt ploughing through our vast collection of bits and bobs and all things fabric to start making some hardaker & pope goody bags for the vintage handmade textile fair, yet at the same time i had a million (slight exaggeration) emails to deal with and doing mood boards for a christmas photoshoot for a leading interiors mag. a big mouth ulcer and a scarcity of anything to eat chez Hardaker made me a grumpy old bag today - sorry Jo!
Anyway whilst trawling for christmas images i fell in love with this from Atlanta Bartlett ' s book Easy elegance - a favourite inspirational read at the moment. i am now inspired for the photography of the new collection - just need to get christmas (in july) out of the way first!!!


  1. Good luck with Christmas , Sarah!
    Here is life great, not Christmas- like at all!

  2. we all have days like those sometimes!! i'm sure you'll be back to feeling yourself again soon :) how funny it must be to be thinking christmas in july, although i must admit i love christmas so much i could think of it any time of year hehe

  3. I'm having a "stop the world I want to get off" week. If I could have been bothered to blog tonight that's the exact line I intended to use.

    I know how you feel:)

  4. I am having that kind of day too. It is dark and rainy here in Seattle. A good day to relax and visit the blogging world. It will be better tomorrow, but really days like this are great too.