Sunday, 29 April 2012

interior decorating

hello everyone, i feel it has been a long time since i last appeared here........sometimes life takes over and there doesn't seem enough minutes in the day.
However one of the reasons for my absence is that I hopped over the channel to meet with a lovely family I am helping with their decor, and i thought it was high time to show you the first fruits of our labour!

Our lovely client first contacted me in the autumn as she had been looking for a chinoiserie design but she couldn't find anything in the right colour, and one of my fabrics/wallpapers had popped up on google images.
The project had a very tight deadline and had to be custom coloured and installed by thanksgiving, but we managed it.

We were aiming for a soft, warm and gentle yellow,  so used little greene paint company as a starting point so we could both reference the same colours, the client from france and  me, here in the uk, it alos gave the printers something concrete to match to! So the client chose some colours, we matched and balanced them and here is the final results! I nearly wept when i saw it in real life, it looked so beautiful! This lovely family has given me the confidence to add a 'room service ' section to my new watch this space!