Monday, 29 July 2013

something fishy

At long last the Summer holidays have arrived and after the chaos of the last few weeks of term a family holiday was just what we needed. 

After such dire weather over the last year or so, hubby and I have been dreaming of a holiday on a Greek island, with blue skies, bluer sea, little coves to explore in a wooden rowing boat and evenings spent at beach side tavernas drinking Amstel and eating whitebait and Greek salad.  It's a great dream but this year finances wouldn't permit it.

However when the weather is fine Cornwall has to be one of the best places in the world to be.  And that's where we were.

The weather was perfect and we spent plenty of time swimming in the sea, enjoying fish from the local fishmonger with crisp cold Prosecco and beach combing.  We even hired a little boat and that was the highlight of our week.  Culminating in a triumph on our final night when we decided to have a go at catching some mackerel for our supper.  Baby (who is now 5) and I were in charge of the mackerel line, hubby in charge of the boat, Boy in charge of the dog and our little girl sat feeling very sick in the swell.  But it was worth it because 40 minutes later we had 10 mackerel for our supper.

Another 40 minutes, barbecue lit and sea sickness overcome, each of the children had each gutted their fish and were happily tucking into a delicious meal, caught by our own fair hands.

Nothing more satisfying than that! So who needs Greece?