Monday, 21 January 2013

A little bit of colour

After a fabulous yet exhausting weekend of  endless sledging and too much red wine by the fire ('the best days ever' according to our now-5-year-old baby).  Life has sort of returned to normal today.  School opened late with excited children turning up covered in every conceivable item of clothing to protect them from the snow and prepared for a really good out door play later on in the school day.  But the snow is thawing and people have been digging it off the roads, drives and pavements leaving large dark patches of concrete, in an already rather bleak landscape.  Hubby has had the day off work (little he can do as a gardener!) and after a failed attempt to get my car out we jumped in the 4x4 and headed into Nailsworth for some retail therapy and a spot of lunch a deux.  On our return home I realise that I must be hankering after some summer sun as my kitchen table is now adorned with a bowl of cherries, some brightly flowered Rununcula and an ice cream soda glass!

So, for those of you who are also looking for something to brighten up their day, here's a little bit of colour.