Tuesday, 14 June 2011

sew happy


After months of swearing and cursing at my lack of sewing prowess the broken foot of my new sewing machine has at long last arrived and I have a fully functioning machine. I spent a happy afternoon fiddling with it and making sure it really does work and I'm so happy that I seem to have a machine that works with me.

It may seem a bit odd to invest in an ancient machine, but Sarah swears by them and I've really enjoyed the times I've used hers. I love this old clunking machine and it's robust Swiss mechanics and what's more I've had far more success at machine embroidery this afternoon than I think I ever had. I had thought it was just that I was completely rubbish at it, but it appears that in fact my old untrustworthy machine may have been partly to blame and hopefully, with a bit of practice, I'll soon be giving Sarah a run for her money!!!!

Anyway here's (hopefully) to many happy hours of stress free sewing!

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