Thursday, 7 July 2011

Lemon Aid

I've recently become obsessed with making homemade lemonade. On the few hot days that we've had this summer I've realised what a refreshing pick-me-up drink it is, and now that I've dug out the juicer element of my magi mix I've discovered that it's also a quick and easy thing to make with the children. Using the traditional method my mother-in-law told me I make up a sugar syrup (boiling water and loads of sugar) and add this to the freshly squeezed juice of about 6 lemons and voila. To make it into more of a 'treat' drink I add fizzy water and the children are in heaven. A perfect remedy for those tetchy toddlers!

Sticking with tradition, ideally it would then be put in a glass jug with a beaded fabric doyley and kept in the larder but since we were recently invited to a Mad Hatter's Tea Party I couldn't resisit the opportunity to take my latest obsession and to blend it with my love of the wierd and wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland with the tiny bottles and enticing labels.


  1. My family used to live abroad and we used to make this type of lemonade in a great big saucepan, just recently I have thought of it, it really is delicious the nearest thing to it is made from sicilian lemons and sold for a 'pretty penny' in John Lewis. Thank you for sharing one of the joys of summer :)

  2. lovely! I must say I have not yet made any this summer and I missed elderflower cordial season again!

    I bet all at the mad hatters tea party were mightily impressed x