Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year

Well it's the time for making resolutions and I've made quite a few this year. Along with the standard do more exercise, be more social, drink less I've got to get back into writing on the blog. But another resolution is to try my hand, and be successful at, knitting. While we had the builders in there were times when I was sitting around doing nothing, so my mother suggested that I take up knitting: you can take it anywhere, pick it up easily and be creative. So back in October I decided that I was going to knit my friend a lovely chunky, grey, woollen, scarf as her Christmas pressie.

I know that my attempts at crochet were futile but I did do a bit of knitting as a child, albeit wonky scarves, and I figured it would be like riding a bike and I'd pick it up again easily. While the actual stitches seem to come back alright so did my ability to make things wonky. I became the laughing stock of my weekly 'make-and-do' group as each week I returned with empty needles and scraggily wool from failed attempts. As it grew closer to Christmas it became very clear that my friend was not going to be receiving a chunky, grey, woollen scarf this year and off I went and bought her a huge bar of chocolate and a good book!

Anyway, not to be deterred, I now have a year in which to learn to knit and make this unwonky scarf. So, while I may not run any marathons and I may not become a party animal, next Christmas my friend WILL receive a chunky, grey, woollen scarf.

Happy New Year.


  1. Keep it up and maybe all your friends will get chunky scarves next year .... good luck :-)

  2. have fun with the knitting!

  3. I have now discovered your website, the fabrics are WONDERFUL !!!!!
    Have a happy 2012!

  4. Happy New Year! Good luck with the knitting.