Saturday, 17 March 2012

ahoy there sailor!

We've had an exciting week as the children's first cousin was born. He was fairly late in arriving but we knew he was going to be a little boy so I had already decided what I was going to make for him (there was no point in giving some baby-gros as we'd passed on all our old, stained and unbelievably tiny clothes already).

At last I have all the relevant components of my sewing machine together and I had dug out one of my favourite books, Embroidered Treasures, (which I've mentioned before here) and with the help of the children chose this lovely little sailor to make. As always with my creations, the eyes are slightly peculiar and he looks more like a drunken sailor. However we met the teeny-weeny little boy today (were mine really that small once?) and he didn't really seem that bothered by the dodgy face at all!

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  1. Jo, he is so sweet! And I love the green sailing ship fabric! My children's first cousin will be arriving in the summer too... a lovely excuse to re-visit all the beautiful baby things again! Kath xx