Thursday, 5 July 2012

lavender lovelies

we were super inspired by the lovely sania pell to get back to making some  lavender products.
back when we very first started we made and sold tomes of these to keep us in beans, and somewhere along the wayside we forgot about them!!

  so inspired by sania we have resurrected the idea and they will be available on our newly updated website from the end of july. Customers will be able to choose a colour and we will make 3 co ordinating lavender pillows tied with ribbon or vintage lace.

if you have some scraps of fabric that you love, they couldn't be easier to make yourself. simply cut 6 co ordinating squares of fabric approx 14cm sq. pair them up right sides together. starting from 2cm in from a corner stitch all the way round the edges and finish 2cm after your last corner (so you have a gap to turn through) . trim the corners and turn right sides out, press flat with stuffing the gap pressed in so that it is in line with the edge. stuff with lavender and a sprinkle of rice for weight, and stitch the opening closed. tie your bundle with some vintage lace or ribbon.
they do make a rather lovely gift


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