Tuesday, 22 December 2009

cranberry and pistachio biscotti

I didn't realise December would be so busy. Along with all the activities the end of term brings I seem to be making endless visits to the supermarket. Partly to stock up on Christmas goodies but also to buy ingredients for various gifts I've been making with the children.

I'm really chuffed with this recipe I found for Cranberry and Pistachio Biscotti. It's really easy to make and looks wonderfully christmassy with the jewel like cranberries and amazing green of the nuts.

We've put a load in a kilner jar (decorated with ribbon & flowers) and plan to give it as a gift with a bottle of Vin Santo, an Italian dessert wine. For best effect, and a decadent Christmas, dip the biscotti in the wine! A good alternative for non drinkers would be some really good quality coffee.


  1. They look delicious - love the green & red colours of the pistachios and cranberries!! Merry Christmas to you :)

  2. Hi Jo and Sarah, this looks lovely. Hope you both have a fantastic Christmas and hope to see you in the new year. Emma x

  3. Yum, these look delicious, wishing you both a very happy christmas x

  4. I have to try this recipe,
    looks delicious!
    Happy New Year to both of you