Tuesday, 23 November 2010

heirloom treasures workshop

I'm sitting down with a large glass of wine feeling exhausted and elated by our first workshop.

Our aim was to give everyone an enjoyable, inspiring day in a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of good food as sustenance while they learnt how to make their own heirloom treasure. The morning was spent with Sarah giving ideas on design and colour palettes before she showed everyone some hand embroidery stitches and demonstrated machine techniques which they could practice before lunch. A large cookie jar was placed on the table and I scurried around ensuring everyone had plenty of tea and coffee to keep them going.

After a simple, warming lunch of Tuscan Butter Bean soup and fresh baked foccaccia everyone had the chance to design their own heirloom treasure, have a good rummage through our scrap boxes and put into practice the techniques they learnt this morning.

While Sarah and I have quite a distinct style we did not want the course to be to prescriptive, encouraging people to experiment. It was very interesting to see what different ideas and approaches came from the days work and standard of the work produced. It is amazing what you can achieve in a day, especially when you have a bit of direction, an expert (Sarah) at your finger tips and uninterrupted time.

By the end of the day some people were able to take home a finished piece. Others went home with folders bulging with samples and all they needed to finish their projects at home (with the instructions to send us a picture of the completed product in due course!). But hopefully everyone went home inspired, with new found confidence in their sewing abilities, and a warm glow.

Thank you everyone who joined us, and for all the positive feedback. We're really looking forward to our Christmas Stocking workshop on December 6th, with plans for more in 2011.


  1. Thank you Sarah & Jo for a luverly day! I arrived knowing very little and left much more confident and able to embroider french knots!
    I learnt loads and feel inspired to use my new skills as soon as possible.. Please do some more days in the new year (but not on Tues so Ruth can come). Sophie xxxxx

  2. Thanks Sophie, We hope to do a mixture of week days and weekends so that everyone should be able to find a course they can do.

  3. I can't wait for the Christmas stocking workshop!!!!
    Emma :)

  4. oooo i did enjoy it, once i had got over the nerves at having to stand up and speak! thank you to everyone who came and made such a fab fun day.

  5. Looks like a brilliant day. I'd come just for the lunch!

  6. Sounds like such a lovely day. I recently did a screenprint workshop here and was amazed by what we had time to create. It was lovely inspiring atmosphere. Sound like your day was similar.

  7. Many thanks Jo and Sally for a great day - I came away inspired to tackle some creations on my own. I learnt a lot and feel a lot more confident about trying new techniques. Also felt very pampered with endless cups of tea and coffee, a delicious lunch and scrummy afternoon tea! May there be many more workshops!Debbie x

  8. Sarah,
    I think that you will love the post I have on my blog today. Fresly put up.
    Have a nice evening.

  9. Looks like a wonderful day was had by all! Can't wait to see some of the creations x