Wednesday, 1 December 2010

the arrival of advent

This year November seems to have been a particularly hectic month for both Sarah and me, thankfully things have quietened down (for me at least) and I'm looking forward to having the chance to be a bit more creative in the run up to Christmas.

The first opportunity presented itself last night. I always find myself on the evening of 30th November exhausted having spent the day wrapping presents, baking cakes, making special breakfast, packed lunch and supper all in celebration of boy's birthday. And then I have to stay up late making an advent calendar for the children (of course I'm not quite organised enough to have done it in advance).

It's a tradition that started before children. I used to make hubby one, always steering well clear of chocolate (they are on a par with party bags in my view!). Despite the fact my children have personalised, chocolate calendars from Grandparents and tasteful, glitter-covered, traditional ones from Godparents I still have to make them one from me. I try to make something that develops into something else as we count down the days.

This year I've gone a bit mad with paper. I was trying to save a few pennies, trying to think of a theme that I could follow through all over Christmas and yet still had a traditional and decorative feel and to be honest, I am just a sucker for paper. Plus I had to find a use for the delicious green velvet ribbon I bought at great expense in Anthropologie the last time I was in London.

It's not like I need justification for owning it but this year I've certainly made the most of my label cutter, each day directing the children in what to make. I've provided scissors, needle and thread and buttons and bells. Old sheets of music, graph paper and pages from ancient books have been presented in glissine bags to help the children create a bird or a snowflake, a bell or a leaf to hang in place of the label they've removed. Hopefully by Christmas Eve we'll have a whole seasonal garland hanging above the roaring fire.


  1. What a beautiful post and I love the miniature glassine bags. This year we have baby food jars with tiny parcels inside but I did struggle trying to come up with an idea for each day. Would love to see some of the things you make.

  2. Hello again.
    I'm back in France with 8 inches of snow so I will continue making things for Christmas.
    Love the labels - where did you get the cutter as I would lave to have one.

  3. Good old hobby craft sells them in a variety of sizes. I couldn't live without mine now. Unbelievably useful!

  4. What a lovely, lovely idea! I too have a deep dislike for the chocolate filled calendars, although I must admit to having one secretly packed in my suitcase one year when I was away, as a surprise, and really quite enjoying it! My daughter is only 21 months old and is really enjoying opening the windows this year but when she is older I would love to do something like this.

  5. I'm also a sucker for paper! I'm loving everything I see in this blog, simply lovely!

    Camila F.