Thursday, 7 July 2011

something fishy

I know I go on about the fact that men are impossible to buy presents for and that I prefer to give experiences and make a small, relevant, gift to hand over on the special day, but I've done it again. To be honest I think I rather enjoy the excuse of having to make something, particularly if I actually have an idea!

So for hubby's birthday this year I decided that I would take him to a local fish restaurant that is supposed to be amazing and we've been desperate to visit since we moved to the Cotswolds 9 years ago. While I wasn't quite up to knitting an entire platter of fruits de mer I did at last have a purpose for the box from a tin of tuna I've been saving since our trip to Italy last year (because I liked the packaging - obviously).

Using my new found embroidery skills I machined some fishy scales, and then I used the dissolvable plastic stuff I've used before (here) to make some seaweed - that was really good fun!

Now hubby has a stuffed fabric fish in a box which he doesn't know what to do with but at least the enormous fruits de mer platter he had at the restaurant was appreciated!


  1. I love the fish - what a great idea!
    Did you go to the Old Passage at Arlingham??