Saturday, 22 October 2011

french style

hello lovely people, long time no speak.........
too much has happened since i last appeared here, a lot of sadness and much upheaval, however here we are coming out the other side, still intact, and ready to start again!
we inherited some treasured pieces of furniture over the summer, and it has sparked in us a new vigour for finally sorting out our house. That combined with a brief trip to france in the holidays (more of that later),
has made me come over all brocante style! 

Jo and i have always had a fondness for Baileys in Ross, however when i happened upon the divine website via the hoard  (more from the hoarde later) I was totally hooked.

the website is truely visually beautiful and i would happily have anything from there in my house........if only there were room.............

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  1. what great brocante site. I'm a huge fan of Baileys, can never leave there empty handed.