Tuesday, 1 November 2011

what are you making?

a few weeks ago over on lobster and swan Jeska did a post on making a pinboard - well the post was inspired by pinks (its a lovely post as always from lobster and swan) anyway she asked the question 'what are you making? i have to say i seem to have a whole host of started but not finished projects on the go - which is making the studio mighty messy and somewhat uninviting! i did however finish this for a special little friends birthday.

here is a little detail, i used a plain canvas, and then a bit of paper collage using some vintage paper - old books painted with watercolour and some old maps, and then stamped the old saying on.
i love giving handmade and homemade gifts, but it is always a dilemma, as some people thing they are they cheap option, when really they are not because the time and thought that goes in to creating them is more costly than dashing out and buying something, what are your thoughts on giving or receiving a home made gift?


  1. Just love this! Handmade every time....it shows so much more thought and effort has gone into the gift, and it will be unique!

  2. I think handmade things are really special. When I had my 3rd child a friend knitted a beautiful cashmere cardigan for him. It was my favourite gift and I still treasure it, wrapped in tissue paper, even though he is now 5. You make such beautiful things that I think the receiver would always be delighted! Do you have any thoughts on easy Christmas gifts?