Saturday, 9 June 2012

new collection

i have been really busy trying to pull together my new collection ready for launch. though i don't feel it is very new now, as i started it over 18months ago! it was all shelved while we looked after my parents in law, and then i struggled to get back on top of it after they had gone. Anyway we are back up and running and seem to be on fire! so i thought i would share some of the photography with you!

above faded roses in faded red
below faded roses cushion stack

we were super lucky to be able to do the outside shots at the fabulous lifestyle emporium sharland and lewis (where incidentally everything you see in the photo is for sale!)

if yo happen to be in nailsworth , gloucestershire go and say hello to libs - you will soon be able to have a scrummy lunch there too when they open the fabulous courtyard cafe, i defy anyone to leave the shop empty handed.

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  1. love love love the fabric on the cushions - you are clever :) x