Tuesday, 29 May 2012

all in days work

 What I've spent my morning doing is all in a days work for Sarah.  Although I've seen Sarah whizz up a load of cushions over the years, and I've been present during our workshops when she has demonstrated how to make them she  still makes cushions a lot faster than I can.  I've also realised that some initials are a lot easier to applique than others, sewing around curves is not my strong point.  However,  I'm feeling quite satisfied by my achievements. 

I seem to have a flurry of 8 year old girls having birthdays and was stuck on something original to buy them.  Sarah suggested I made them all initial cushions, piled me up with a load of her fabrics and trimmings and sent me off to spend the morning in front of the sewing machine. 

The fruits of my labour have paid off though and now I'm off to the Post Office to send the presents, if you would like something similar you can always buy them direct from Sarah's website.


  1. What a lovely, original idea. I'm sure the little girls will all be thrilled. M

  2. I love your cushions, so much so I've featured them in my blog!
    I hope you like my version :-)