Monday, 7 May 2012

cool chick

We've just come back from a lovely weekend in Pembrokeshire with one of my god-daughters, who was sporting her Easter gift from me, despite a lack of sun.  As usual I had shunned the chocolate option having seen some rather nice children's sunglasses cases in the Boden catalogue.  I bought some sparkly pink sunglasses - they always seem to go down with little ones - and then started to make the cases.  Half way through making it I realised that little girls probably need to be able to carry their glasses case somehow and they always love a handy bag so I added the shoulder strap.


Of course I had to make it tie in with Easter somehow so I made little 'cool chick' labels, just to let people know that my god-daughters are the trendiest girls around! 

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant idea ...and every cool chick loves a bag!

    Pop over to my blog if you fancy the chance of winning another type of bag - I've got a giveaway at the moment.

    What a 'cool' godmother you are!

    Fleur xx