Wednesday, 16 May 2012

don't forget to switch on the tv!

don't forget to watch DIYsos tonight at 8pm BBC1 and you will see some of our lovely fabrics.
The team who create the show are amazing and put so much effort in to changing the lives of the families they help, it really is a joy to be able to help in a small way, i can't wait to see the show and see how the fabrics look together - as it has all been top secret so i haven't seen how the room looks yet.


  1. I watched it this evening at your recommendation - goodness me, I had to wipe away the tears, such a moving programme! Loved the fabrics too, they looked fab, you must be so proud. Well done, Emma

  2. What a lovely family and your fabrics looked great. I'm sure they will get a great deal of pleasure from everything that has been done and you must feel proud to be part of helping a very deserving family. Congratulations,