Saturday, 12 May 2012

a little sneak peek

while we were in provence at easter we took advantage of the beautiful location of la pauline and took a few pics of our new collection.
we will launch in the summer, but here is a sneaky peeky of some of the finished fabrics. 
we have done a reverse version of our polka dot and printed it onto 100% linen, we have some very pretty new florals including florence and florence grande and recoloured vintage paisley to go with.
there are several more designs and i will post some photos later in the week.
We will be adding lots of accessories to our website soon as well, currently we have done eiderdowns, lampshades and lavender pillows as special order items , but we have been having lots of requests to be able to buy them on line so they will be available soon on our website, and we will keep you updated here with lots of other exciting changes to our web offer.

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