Wednesday, 24 February 2010

make do and mend

Today I took the girls to The Museum in the Park to see an exhibition by Studio Seven. Sarah and I have raved about these guys before, and I have seen this exhibition, Make Do and Mend, before, but it wasn't any less inspiring. It's a wonderful interactive exhibition full of sewing paraphernalia. While war time music plays in the background you are encouraged to pull various pulleys - made of bobbins, labels, embroidery hoops etc - and see what happens: a parachute dress rises up to the ceiling, a suitcase theatre curtain lifts to reveal miniature dressmakers dummies 'a la mode'.

The girls (and I) were taken by this old tin placed on the wall with a huge label saying 'LIFT ME' attached (we're back to the Alice in Wonderland thing). Under the lid is a tiny sewing studio with dolls house sized sewing machine and dressmakers dummy, an electric light and a little stool made of an old reel of thread, reminiscent of the Borrowers.

Thanks Emma for reminding me that it was on.


  1. heh, I was going to comment on how pretty all the embroidery hoops are hanging there (which they are) and then I realise that the poster in the background is the one we bought last week! :)

  2. Oh this sounds amazing, how lucky you are to have been able to visit this exhibit, what a fun time it must have been!! It looks amazing, and even better that it was interactive, my Olivia would have loved it:) Thanks for sharing Jo. Have a lovely day ~ Tina x

  3. That's okay I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    Emma x