Saturday, 27 February 2010

and the winner is....

lovely birthday celebrations were held in Gloucestershire last weekend. The Pope family came over for a long sunday lunch, armed with a bottle of celebratory prosecco, wine and a yummy cake.
We feel we have come along way in a year, and met some really fantastic people on the way. so thank you everybody xx

anyway the winner of our birthday box giveaway is tracy of cupcakes at home anway it turns out that tracy is a fellow not on the high street seller and has a direct website here so tracy a box of goodies will be winging its way to bonnie scotland!!


  1. Congrats to Tracy:) Congrats again on a fabulous first year Sarah and Jo ~ Tina xx

  2. really...
    oh my i am so very pleased and very excited
    thank you so much for the prize and for the mention..
    eeekkk :)
    catch up soon
    t x