Monday, 1 February 2010

snow drops

For many January is a grey and depressing month but this year it hasn't been too much of a drag. The snow caused such confusion that the month has flown by in a flurry of unexpected days off school and weather report scrutiny.

Now February is here and we're making headway towards spring. To prove the point, the snowdrops are now poking their delicate heads out of the soil, and I'm sure the primroses will follow suit fairly soon. I love the way the seasons are marked by what's growing in the garden but I've been awaiting the snowdrops with added anticipation this year. The children found me this little bottle on the beach in Cornwall last summer and I've had a vision of it filled with snowdrops ever since.

And then I've always had a bit of a thing about teeny tiny bottles with labels on. It's an Alice in Wonderland thing.


  1. they look lovely - the jar is perfect

  2. Gorgeous snowdrops Jo! Even more special is the bottle that your children found for you - love it:) Have a lovely day - Tina x

  3. So beautiful - and a lovely backstory too.