Saturday, 30 January 2010

weekend reading

when we posted our crochet efforts, lovely tina from the rubie place sent us some photos of a crochet basket she had made from twine. It looks like one of those ever so expensive sisal baskets - which I love. Anyway I am determined to have a go, and am off to find the required materials today!
the pattern for the basket is from orange flower patterns . Go and visit Tina's blog over in Australia for a bit of sunshine.

my other weekend reading for you is a man blogger! (see it is not just the domain of stay at home mummies - comment directed to the husbands of the world who roll their eyes at the time spent blogging!!) Anyway I came across Joels lovely blog while I was timewasting! you know that thing where you click on link after link and can't remember where you started.

Anyhow as you probably know I like blogs that aren't too cluttered, i seem to find them easier to read, Joels blog has a beautiful pared down feel and is very stylish. Incidentally Joel is based in Portland Oregon which seems to me to be a honeypot of creative types.

It is mainly a collection of things he makes for and with his children - I am very envious of this dolls house furniture, it looks straight out of the pages of livingetc!
happy reading and happy weekend


  1. Thanks...more lovely blogs to visit and waste my time with! I love it!

  2. Oh my! Thank you so much Sarah for including my basket and blog in your post - I am beyond thrilled! I am so happy you liked the basket as it was the crocheting posts by you & Jo here on your blog, which inspired me to pick up a hook and get busy - so thank you both! I hope you are enjoying making your basket and can't wait to see the end result! I am off to have a look at Joel's blog - that doll house furniture is gorgeous! Thanks so much again. Have a lovely day - Tina xx

  3. Oh, I love Tina's blog. It is full of Tina's beautifully made creations. She's so creative and energetic! Visiting her blog is definitely a ray of sunshine in my day and I find myself eagerly waiting to see her latest finished project.

    Your husband comment made me chuckle as I remember my own husband sometimes groaning, "Oh, you're going to blog AGAIN!" I just remind him of how happy blogging makes me and he's OK with it. In his honor, I do take weekends off. :-)

  4. I love that you too click one link after another and can't remember where you started - that's my favourite pastime! Infact, that's exactly what I was doing when I discovered your lovely blog. jx