Monday, 11 January 2010

fair isle knits

* exhibit number 1

I was rootling through my mother's draws a while ago when I came across all these old pattern books. Some are wonderfully dated, just look at this Cover-ups book, ever practical in this cold weather.

Others are a bit more inspiring. I don't think I'll ever have the time or patience to smock. Luckily my girls have many of the dresses I wore as a girl.

All of these were beautifully smocked by my mother on lovely Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics that look all the better for 30 years of fading.

But I set my heart on the Fair Isle selection. Knowing my knitting skills are even worse than my crochet skills I decided that searching through the world wide web was bound to throw up the goods. But I was unsuccessful so I headed back to mum and very nicely asked if she would like to have a go...

She has just finished exhibit number 1*. I love the sludgy colours of this beret she made for our little girl and a similar one has been requested for baby!


  1. Jo, your Mum has done a gorgeous job of the beret! I am an avid knitter and I just love this beret, the colours are fabulous:) Hope it is helping your little one stay warm. - Tina.

  2. I enjoyed this post, especially regarding your smocked dresses. I blogged about the dresses my Nan used to smock for me last week. It's over here if you wanted to take a look:

  3. i am wildly envious of the fairisle beret, but has madam got a tutu on under the coat?!

  4. of course - despite the near arctic conditions madam HAD to wear a fairy dress sledging

  5. Your Mum is a star Jo, that hat is fabulous. Loving the tutu/hat combination surely the only thing to wear in the snow?!