Friday, 8 January 2010

happy new year

hello lovely readers. i am finding it quite hard to write this, as its been so long, its a bit like writing that first agonising post all over again! Anyway I am back, I have finally surfaced from the dark hole of bag/cushion making!! I am so sorry i wasn't around for the christmas festivities, but its nice to be back with you all again, and i am so grateful to Jo for doing all posting on her own for the whole of december! I am starting the new year with a resolution or two (most unusual for me as I live life in a generally more haphazard way!!) firstly I am going to back up all photos/documents etc frequently. this resolution comes about after I lost my hard drive in December with every photo document etc unbacked - up. DEVASTATING!! all the photos of 6 years of children gone in an instant, all my blog favourite links gone too. Secondly I am going to try to be tidier (please stop laughing all who know me!) my lovely man tidied both my studios as a little surprise gift, and oh the joy of working in such a lovely space........long may it continue...............
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  1. Nooooo, how awful about the hard drive. Happened to me about a year ago but they managed to retrieve most info from my hard drive and I still do not back up now as often as I should. Know how you feel too with coming back to the blog. I really enjoyed my break from blogging but I guess now it is time to get stuck in again. God, I love Christmas!
    Happy New Year.

  2. Happy New Year! Good to see you back! I see we have a mutual friend on facebook, how do you know Julia Ewart?? We go back into the depths of time when we were training as nurses in London! Lizzie xxx

  3. Happy New Year! I experienced the exact same thing in December with the hard drive in my laptop- photos and a year's worth of Uni work, sorry it happened to you too. Really looking forward to following your beautiful blog in 2010 :)

  4. Six years! I'm sooo sorry. We lost six months and that was bad enough. I hope that you have a wonderful year. You've inspired me to clean my very messy desk. Laura x

  5. The same thing happened to us and we were told it was gone for good, but we got a second opinion from a friend of a friend who rescued it all for us. It might be worth a try. It's just devastating to loose the pictures, especially of your children.
    Put 'buy external hard drive' on your to do list!

  6. thank you all for the kind comments re my hard drive. an external back up drive has been duly purchased, and a great friend has recommended a recovery company so i will keep you posted!this silly thing is I read an article about how devatstating it is to loose everything last year and thought 'ooo i must do that' and somehow life got in the way....
    reply to busy lizzie, julia contacted me after reading an article in English Home and hopefully she is going to stock some of my fabrics!