Monday, 11 January 2010

shades of grey

I always start the new year thinking 'right this year we will decorate, chuck out a skipload of clutter and make our house stunning'..............this obviously never happens and we invariably accumulate more clutter, and our house is never stunning. You see the problem is, I think i have some kind of reverse OCD , i just cannot, chuck out stuff. keep all of the kids drawings (even the really awful 'what is it darling?!' ones) i seem to aquire vintage china like its going out of fashion, and i am totally unable to throw away even the tiniest scrap of fabric, what 's wrong with me?!
anyway, if i had inherited a tidy gene and was able to declutter my life, this is the type of decor i strive for.... courtesy of the lovely sam at sams notebook.
i yearn for that stunning calm, grey scandinavian style.

this is a stunning looking hotel, (mr h, if you are reading, romantic break??)
I love the layering of tomes of cool cream, bone, grey, blue/grey and old washed wood, mixed with burnished metal and crisp linen.
sadly my linen cupboard does not look like this. (although saying that, it does by volume!!) i am unable to resist a vintage french linen sheet, however i am also unable to resist any kind of embroidered traycloth, tablecloth etc, so i don't have the restraint to have all those cool white cloths and napkins, i have a big vintagey hotchpotch which suits all occasions!
These lovely pictures, found while catching up with Sam, have made me think seriously about a chuck out of tat and a lick of paint on floors and furniture, so watch this space, see if i can kiss goodbye to beige acrylic carpet, and embrace some lovely paint library or little green colours.


  1. Sarah, I am with you on this! I am walking from room to room in despair as my home is positively GROANING with clutter. Being snowed in for the best part of a week has really made me aware of all the stuff I have... hey ho! (or watch this space too!) Lizzie x

  2. Hi Sarah - I love Sam's blog, that is how I discovered yours!!! These images are gorgeous, I have put this hotel on my visit wishlist! I also love your self-diagnosis of 'reverse OCD', I have the same condition and funnily enough with the same items :) Good luck with your painting / de-cluttering! Have a lovely day - Tx

  3. So funny - I too yearn for calming, light-filled rooms of cool tones, but like you I am a big horder (collector sounds so much better!)and could never keep to such a neutral colour scheme and uncluttered style. I wonder if those who do have such serene decor ever hanker after shelves full of interesting objects and an injection of mismatched colours? Sarah