Wednesday, 13 January 2010

cabin fever

...Snow is still falling on us here in Glos, school is closed and we are snowed in again, so in an attempt to stop cabin fever setting in, i thought the children might like a day of making things. I was delighted when this kids winter crafts roundup, popped in to my inbox courtesy of martha stewart. There is plenty here to occupy even the most creatively challenged.
Junk modelling is my other option for today, we have an enormous amount of cardboard boxes as our recycling hasn't been collected for 3 weeks due to snow! It always amazes me how the children are quite happy for an hour with a pot of glue and a tape dispenser, the only difficulty I find is getting whatever enormous creation into the recycling at a later date!!


  1. Love the egg box flowers! Good luck with your crafting, my boy is back at school, but I must admit, I loved having him at home!
    PS. Gave you another mention on my blog yesterday!

  2. Hi Sarah - oh how my girls would love to go to your house to do junk modelling!!! They love to do that, but it is so hard getting their creations off them to recycle!! I love the Martha Stewart ideas, especially the little green chameleon and the gorgeous egg carton door chimes! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I hope your children had a wonderful time creating fantastic arts & crafts today. Stay Warm - Tina x

  3. I haven't got young children any more, but I found myself wanting to make a pipe cleaner chameleon, children's door bells and a fish in a bag soap! I also spent faaaaaaaaar too much time bouncing round the rest of Martha's site..... and it's all your fault!