Friday, 8 January 2010

teddy bears picnic

Baby was 2 on Sunday and somehow in the post Christmas and New Year week I managed to organise her a party. I had to come up with a theme that was easy to sort out last minute and that would be appropriate for little ones - hence the teddy bears picnic. Although it was indoors it was cut short due to the sudden arrival of a lot of snow! Something most of you are probably very familiar with at the moment.

At the demand of the older siblings we tried a few party games, including pass the parcel but they were best entertained by the arrival of the picnic rug (a rather large red & white checked table cloth). Firstly we threw loads of teddy bears on top, took the sides of the cloth and bounced the teddies around, to much hilarity. Then they got bored of that and all crawled underneath the rug and played around in that for a while before the picnic hamper arrived with their lunch. I had made individual bags, stamped with a red bear, containing teddy bear crisps and teddy shaped sandwiches wrapped in baking paper and string.

Then it was back to the old party bag issue. Whilst I knew the younger ones wouldn't know any better I had to meet the older ones expectations too. I bought a bumper pack of crayons, divided them up and tied them together with red gingham.

Quickly machine sewed some pieces of paper together to make little drawing pads.

Then put some party biscuits in a clear bag with some paper doyley (I have to confess I was really chuffed with the way these came out).

These were all put into a white paper bags which were stitched together with a little name tag.

As always, I totally forgot to give out the balloons as everyone left. I hate that I always do this and end up with 15 part shrivelled balloons lying around the house for days on end. But what I did discover was that it is possible to use rubber stamps on them (before inflating). So, for what it's worth I did have teddy bear balloons too.


  1. I wish I was at the party, the party bag gifts look great!

    Vanessa x

  2. What a lovely job you did on the party bags! Well done!

  3. those gift bags look great! and the teddy bear shaped sandwiches, oh my! how about tying the balloons to the git bags, or leaving them deflated and popped in the bags forthem to blow up later? or is that just a notyetamum talking? :)x

  4. What a gorgeous party! Love all your homemade ideas, such a wonderful personalised party :) It is great to see you back after the Xmas break! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  5. Lovely, iced biccys are so pretty, they look really chic with the doileys, i used doileys for my SALE signs in our shop window, is there no end to their "usability" S x

  6. Really lovely! Maybe I could do that too for my kids get together next week. We were thinking of a barbie themed party, but this absolutely cuter!