Friday, 8 January 2010

happy new year

It's been a slow start to the New Year and much as I love the holidays I was looking forward to the children returning to school in order to kick start me into action. As it was the children haven't yet gone back to school because of all the snow. It is truly beautiful here as I sit at the desk looking out over a completely white view, the sun shining whilst the smell of chocolate cookies that hubby and boy are baking drifts in from the kitchen.

Anyway I've been dying to share with you some pictures I came acrossa while ago, but because the Christmas Tree was in front of the cupboard containing the scanner I've had to wait. These were in the December Waitrose Food illustrated and are pictures of the Nutcracker by book sculptor Su Blackwell. I just love them and even sat down with scalpel and books to try and make my own, (to then photograph and make into Christmas cards - an idea that was far too ambitious for mid December, when the cards should already have been sent).Then I came across more in the Harrods Christmas magazine, depicting Dorothy and the Yellow Brick Road. I love the added glitter. It makes them so exciting, almost kistch.

Any way to see the full spread of both these articles have a look at her blog.

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