Sunday, 10 January 2010


Hubby and Boy trekked through the snow to our local supermarket yesterday for basic supplies. On their return 2 1/2 hours later Boy announced he wasn't going again in a hurry. As a result I've been rummaging through the kitchen cupboards where, lurking at the back I came across a packet of seaweed.
Now I know making sushi isn't a typical winter past time but having been housebound for 6 days we're looking for new ways of entertaining ourselves. The seaweed presented the perfect opportunity. It's actually very simple to make and whilst I know a lot of people are put off by the idea of raw fish and seaweed it is delicous. On our rare cosmopolitan trips to the big Smoke Yo Sushi is one of our favourite places to take the children. They love the food, the bright coloured bowls of food travelling past on their very own train track and your own personal water tap (the height of luxury in the kid's eyes!).

Anyway, I digress. We didn't really have any of the other proper ingredients for making sushi so we improvised slightly, with normal, unsticky rice and mayo instead of wasabi.

It may not have been up to Yo Sushi's standards but it kept the children happy for an hour or so and provided us with lunch to boot.


  1. Such gorgoeus images. Off for a catch up on your posts now x

  2. Ooh we love sushi at our house too! We don't have access to any sushi bars where we live, so it is always handmade by us :) Yours looks just as fabulous as any you could buy! Mmm I think I know what we will be eating for lunch tomorrow - hope you are staying warm and not going too stir crazy, wish we could send you some of our 40 degree Aussie heat. - Tina.

  3. I can't even imagine what sunshine and heat would be like at the moment!

  4. tina, please, please dispatch a box of aussie sunshine asap, we are about to get another dump of snow here!! sarah x