Monday, 18 January 2010

birthday cupcake competition

On 21 February it will be one whole year since Sarah wrote the first post on our blog and to celebrate our birthday we have decided to have a cupcake competition. We would like you to don your aprons and use your creative skills to produce some fantastically beautiful and original fairy cakes.

Please photograph your cakes and send by e-mail to us at or click on the link in our contact details. (Hubby suggested cakes should be sent in and taste-tested by him and Mr H, whilst I'm sure they'd do a very good job, it just makes things complicated!).

There will be three prizes; 2 runners up will win a lovely package of cup cake related delights and THE lucky winner will win a lovely package of cup cake related delights and a Hardaker and Pope parcel of goodies. This is your opportunity to receive a parcel like the one Sarah gave me last week.


Entries will be posted by us on our Hardaker and Pope Cupcakes page on flickr. Please let us know any details or comments you would like to appear on flickr with your photos (including any names/blogs/websites) when you e-mail your images.

Sarah and I will announce the winners on February 21.

We will then contact the winners by e-mail for shipping details so we can send the prizes.

By the way, the picture is my attempt at making some amazing cakes for baby's birthday party. Like crochet, I just don't seem to have the knack so you don't need to worry about me running off with the prize!

Happy Baking.


  1. Hi Jo, this sounds fantastic BUT I would seriously have to be the world's WORST baker! Can I use a bit of creative licence to 'produce' a fantastic fairycake (I promise I will wear my apron) or does it 100% have to be the baked kind??:) - Tina x

  2. I think, since this is all about creativity, creative licence is absolutely fine

  3. Hi girls, thought you might like to know that I have passed on a sunshine award to you as I just love your blog. Pop over to mine to collect it! Love, Kirsty x

  4. Hi Girls

    Have a look at my website:
    Can I enter the cake competition?
    I have just made some new sugarflowers - not yet on the site but will try and send a photograpy !

    Kind regards


  5. wow, you've some beautiful cakes on your website, how do you get them so perfect? Of course you can enter the competition, it' is open to everyone.

  6. Hi Sarah
    They took a bit of time! Poor long suffering husband had to eat all the samples !

  7. Fun!!! Cupcakes are just the thing for the mid winter blahs! Stop by for a