Thursday, 4 March 2010

from britain with love

late last summer I met a lovely lady called Nicky, she had a vision! That vision was the website from Britain with love .
Nicky came to talk to me while she was on holiday in the Cotswolds and told me about the site she was building. She had spotted a gap in the market for a site which draws together the best of British in one place.

I thinkk the thing that makes the site unique (apart from the gorgeous graphics, products and ideas!) is its lovely magazine like quality you could spend hours perusing different sections. There are travel features - one written by the lovely Jeska at Lobster and Swan, places to stay, gift guides, course notes, meet the maker interviews as well as lots and lots of products.

You don't buy the products on the from britain with love site, instead you click a link which takes you direct to the makers own site.

I think Nicky has achieved something really fantastic here, and should become a great first stop for anyone visiting the uk as well as us folk who live here asll the time.
We should all be encouragining our home grown talent - its hard enough to eek a living out of designing and making, so go over and have a read, and think about using the site as a starting point next time you need to buy a wedding gift, a special birthday present or plan a little getaway.
Nicky also writes a great blog here.


  1. Brilliant idea! Thanks for the link!

  2. Love those handbags with the spotty lining! Off to check it out right now! x

  3. Really interesting, thanks! Will look her up! x

  4. had a quick peek.. what a fantastic looking site - so attractive when you first arrive - lots to catch the eye but not at all over the top - i need a cuppa and a good half hour to browse!!
    thanks for the link x
    t x