Sunday, 28 March 2010

where do you go to my lovely?

I know that I've been quiet recently but things at home have been hectic. The run up to the end of term has meant creating Easter Bonnets and Easter Gardens, we've also just put our house on the market (big sigh) so I've been scrubbing and cleaning manically, desperate to impress prospective purchasers. Then, in between each meticulous cleaning session, I'm creating huge amounts of mess and chaos by dragging out the sewing machine, opening all my boxes of trimmings and ribbons and searching through my bags of fabric praying to God that we don't have any more viewings...

All this because Hardaker and Pope have a few fairs coming up and I've got to spend some time at my machine and make some goodies to sell.

Any way I have made some Giant Pin Cushions, using old Witney Wool blankets like this one I made for Sarah. I've made it a bit more glamorous by adding bits of 'bling'! I've plenty more ideas up my sleeve it's just a question of finding the (uninterrupted) time to make them and an appropriate moment to make a mess.

Of course there will be plenty of Sarah's work too so if you are interested in visiting our stand you can find us at the Rodamarton Spring Fair on Friday 23 April and our friends at Vintage and Handmade are doing a textile fair on Saturday 3 July.

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  1. These are beautiful, I love all the soft shades of white and cream such pretty things you make for your lucky friends.

    good luck with the house sale, I cannot wait to be able to put ours on the market hopefully, later this year. and have a great time at the fair!