Tuesday, 30 March 2010

crazy chick

I like to send my God Daughters something for Easter that isn't chocolate and usually I use this as an opportunity for a DIY gift. This year I've been aware that Easter is creeping up but I was stuck for ideas and running out of time until I picked up the latest issue of Selvedge. Here I came across Tamar Morgendorff's Easter Chick 'How To'. I love, love, love her stuff; her bird boxes were the inspiration behind this Bird Cafe I made a while back. So I was thrilled to be given a few tips on how to create a chick her way.

It wasn't as quick and easy I as expected, there's talent in creating that rustic look effectively so my girly pink versions will be the craziest Easter Chicks my God Daughters have ever seen!


  1. love your crazy chick... made me smile so much!
    thank you lovely..

    oh - and thank you SO much for the mention and pictures of my handmade items - you really are kind xxx
    t x

  2. That chick rocks! Lovely fabrics!! xo

  3. I thought I recognized it from somewhere! Lovely - am also a big fan!

  4. This chick is just so cool! I really like it. Happy Easter. x