Saturday, 13 March 2010

something for the weekend

It's a been a beautiful Spring Saturday and a lovely day to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday. We had a fantastic family lunch at the Potting Shed, near Malmesbury and I still adequately stuffed from my gourmet burger and chips followed by a divine Baileys and Tiramasu sundae served with amaretti. Anyway the state of my stomach is irrelevant. What is relevant is that I'm really envious of the present we gave her. Champagne chocolates, a crisp, white, linen bolster cover and this amazing book by Atlanta Bartlett. I opened the package from Amazon and promptly had to order another copy!

I can just imagine lying in bed (propped up by bolster), box of truffles within very easy reach and the book, just flicking through the pages and slowly feeling more and more inspired (and possibly sick).

And whilst on the topic of being inspired I watched a fascinating programme last night on weaving using traditional methods. It is part of a series on Master Crafts by Monty Don on the BBC (available on i-player until 26 March). Do watch if you can. Three complete novices spend 6 weeks with Margo Selby learning the incredibly complicated techniques and designing their own textiles (no room for short cuts or impatience here, so not a craft for me to take up). As I say it was truly fascinating and I now have a much deeper respect for textiles!

And once you've ordered your new book, watched Master Crafts then look at these blogs and websites.

Teresa Green I just love her illustrations
chocolate creative Another duo writing about their design inspirations
Maxine Sutton Loving the colour
Cornelia O'Donavan

That should keep you busy this weekend.


  1. as a weaver I feel positively ashamed that a) i didn't know this was on, and b) I wasn't in to watch it, so I shall be going straight to Iplayer to right my wrongs! a friend (also a weaver) said it was fantastic, Marg Selbys work is gorgeous too.

  2. Lovely presents, lucky Mum :-)

    I loved the weaving programme, it was fabulous. Monty Don is always a great watch and Margo was inspirational. Being a fabricaholic I now want to know how to make my own fabric!

  3. i have that book , it is lovely, and don't prestat do nice packaging.