Friday, 19 March 2010

weekend reading

hello lovelies, its nice to be back - thank you JO for holding the fort singlehandedly. I have emerged from bag hell again, out of the frying pan into the fire though, straight up to the printers in lancashire for a few days. the result of all of this hectic activity (combined with sickly children adn a husband with ofstead in school) has left me rather below par, in fact so below par that I had to cancel our much looked forward to stitch and bitch and take myself off to bed this morning.
well doctor dad told me to do nothing so I thought a bit of blog perusal might be just the ticket.

anyway I had great plans for a big weekend reading post, however I came across this simply stunning blog called all the beautiful things via a blog called sea angels which is a visually and aurally beautiful blog click on the link and the beautiful images are accompanied by lovely music.
anyway i found sea angels via a bun can dance and so the joy of clicking.....

well the multitude of lovely images on all the beautiful things has led me to do a post just on that, so there will be more weekend reading over the weekend (unless I have a relapse!) in the meantimem enjoy having a look at this stunning blog, i can't read a word of it, but no matter the pictures speak volumes!

enjoy your weekend everybody x


  1. Hope you feel better soon, Sarah! I love Sea-angels - will have to check out the other links.... have you had enough of bag-making by any chance?! Have a well-earned rest xx

  2. get your blogworld..singing and

  3. I love that first photo, it's like something from a fairytale or children's book. x

  4. Just popped onto your LOVELY blog! I love love the first and last picture, so so adorable. Off to read some of your past posts... Have a wonderful day!

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