Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I can't believe that Easter has been and gone in a flurry of chocolate! I really wasn't prepared for it this year. Having got the Crazy Chicks sent and the Easter Tree up I didn't have much else to show for my Easter efforts.

So Hubby was duly sent out with our little girl to pick armfuls of joyful yellow daffodils to adorn the house. The week before I had spied these three glass sundae dishes that I just couldn't resist at the Friday morning stall in Stroud (of course I managed to pick up some old buttons, ribbons and thread whilst I was there).

I had already visualised the glasses on the table filled with eggs to tantalise us whilst we devoured our traditional Roast Lamb and mint sauce - that was my justification for buying them!

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  1. Sometimes we come accross adorable little things and have to find a justification for their happens a lot to me.i'm glad you had a lovely Easter.It did pass quickly..