Tuesday, 20 April 2010

alls fair

jo and I are very excited to be participating in our first fair of the year on friday. Organised by two dynamic local ladies who wanted to get something going which connected women in rural business and allowed us to network, while at the same time offering a lovely shopping opportunity straight after school drop off.
anyway, i thought i would give you a little taster of some of the people showing, it was part organised by the lady who owns quayles, the lovely deli in tetbury.

my great friend (and taste supremo - totally gorgeous house!!) victoria leslie, is showing her fab pictures.

memo boards and accessories from sarah ramsey. (weirdly I met sarah in marlborough last week!!)

funky home accesories from monty and me.

fantastic french bath stuff from branche d'olive

stunning clothes (tiny pic doesn't do justice!) from Anna Lizzio.

great kids gifts from Rachel stanley Evans

fab faux flowers from floralistics

and simply stunning linens from beyond france
this is only a tadter of the people who are showing, there are lots more. if you aren't busy on friday and want to come along, there will be tea and cakes, various refreshments, plus a whole load of lovely shopping activities. £2 entry, car parking available. but do come and say hello to Jo and I who will be cowering under a table because we are such rubbish sales people!!!


  1. I wish I lived a bit nearer! Why are you rubbish salespeople? Remember you have a great product - you should have every confidence in yourselves!

  2. sounds fab, sadly I am busy on Friday.. grrrrr

  3. Good luck ladies... sweet treats on your table is always a good one... works for me... customers love it!! :o)