Sunday, 11 April 2010

weekend reading

As I am not getting around to posting some weekend reading till Sunday, its only fitting that it should be baking related (or is it only me that bakes on a Sunday?!)

Anyway i am featuring a blog by an amazing cook, hostess, mother (take my hat of to you H - don't know how you manage 4 children, 3 schools various animals and a job!!) and baker, who actually lives down the road from me. did she tell me she had started a blog, no dear readers she did not, i had to find it for myself, so today I spread the word!

this really interesting cake made with beetroot can be found here.

Heather writes eggs, cream and honey from her gloucestershire kitchen (it is my dream kitchen - huge, big windows, big table, lovely decor). She is American by birth but has lived in the UK for quite a while and she makes fantastic cakes. not mean and stingy English cakes, but big lush American ones, generous ones!!!

anyway have a read of her blog here, there are lots of bits of family life intermingled with great recipes. enjoy. I am sure she will make you smile as much on line as she does make me smile in person.


  1. It's a good job I've already eaten breakfast - these photos are making a sweet morning treat incredibly tempting!

    Thanks for recommending this blog - I've already browsed over some wonderful recipes there!

  2. Oh drool! I've been trying to emulate Linden Grove's Friday Cake Bake- and it's been Sunday before my best efforts as yet!

  3. Wow! Who knew?! This little valley certainly is a real pocket of creativity! Kath x.

  4. Sarah what a lovely thing you have written. Too kind. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. Glad you found it anyway! I will have to recipicate the link & review. Ta your a lovely. Now if we could just get our two daughters together. Hx

  5. its a pleasure to give you a plug you sneaky beaky, we will have to get you to do a guest post on baking.!