Thursday, 15 April 2010

ship wrecked

We've just been for a fantastic holiday in Devon. There's nothing better than a good British beach holiday. It's such easy entertainment for the children and we've returned exhausted, wind swept and glowing.
There is something about the landscape, colours and light of the seaside that make me happy (I know the St Ives Group worked this out years ago). And to prove it look at this. We were walking along a huge silty grey beach, surrounded by vast sand dunes with scarce, wild grasses when we discovered this wonderful wreck.
Whilst the children thought it a great climbing frame I got carried away with the camera and trying to capture the endless layers of ancient peeling paint that contrasted the almost bleak surroundings so well. And every time the sun was covered by a cloud the colours would lose their intensity and take on a new softness; it's impossible to reproduce the various permutations.

And if you're planning a boating holiday this summer and don't want to end up like the above then take heed of these instructions on 'Handling Hawsers'. Boy and I came across them in an old Naval Manual and they really made us chuckle!


  1. Ooh, I'd love to get my hands on all that wood! Whereabouts in Devon did you go?

  2. We were near Barnstaple, the wreck was at Crow Point - there was masses of beautiful, tactile driftwood, as well as lots of tiny, old bits of rope in all sorts of colours. There has to be some creative project there....

  3. Crow point is just round the corner from me. I love it and as soon as we get back I think I may have to head on over to take a peek. Beautiful pictures. L x

  4. I love these pictures,
    the coloures of the wreck are beautiful!