Thursday, 27 May 2010

pressing flowers

I've been a bit slack on the old blog recently and my excuse this time.... photo back log!
When our hard drive went kaput we were fortunate to have most files saved externally and felt quite smug. However we didn't bargain for the fact that a new hard drive also meant new software! It's taken us a while to adjust to updated programmes and to find a new photo editing package.

For the last couple of months I've been relying on hubby to do all the editing for me. Since this coincided with the beginning of his golf season, this has meant very little productivity. However, tonight he was home early from the golf course and gave me a quick tutorial so I can hopefully edit my own pictures again and be a bit more of a regular contributor on the blog!

Back to the point. No one can have failed to notice how the plants have been loving the weather we have had recently and our little girl hasn't failed to notice how many flowers there are taking over our garden. It's been a perfect opportunity for her to try out the flower press she was given for Christmas and has been desperate to use.

I still have the flower press I was given as a child. There is something quite exciting about choosing your flowers, putting them away in the press and waiting........ until the moment, days, or even months, later, when you decide to unscrew those 4 corners to reveal what's inside. I always manage to forget what flowers I'm pressing and it's intriguing to discover how well they have worked. It is certainly true some flowers press better than others, some retain their colour, whilst others just disintergrate.

So today was a big day as our little girl opened her flower press for the first time. Wonderfully most of the flowers had pressed well, which meant that the girls spent a happy morning with paper and pritt stick making cards and gift tags before returning to the garden and filling up the flower press again.


  1. Jo, I love your pressed flower pics! We made flower fairy party invites with our little press last year. Glitter, flower petals and glue - what more could you wish for?! Kath x

  2. This brings back such sharp memories.. I still have my flower press from my childhood too , filled with faded daisies and clover and whatever I could cram in between the sheets of blotting paper.
    How I love these simple pursuits of childhood..
    I opened an old book of mine the other day and out fell some flower confetti from the 1960's..

    Michele x