Saturday, 29 May 2010

weekend reading and blog etiquette

this weeks reading is a lovely blog called moth design which i came across a little while ago via a comment here on hardaker and pope.
Which brings me onto the subject of blog etiquette. A couple of weeks ago i was talking to a customer, who also readsd our blog. She used to write her own - and very good it was too. why did you stop i enquired? she told me it was because it was taking too much time and had ceased to be fun. why is that i asked, and her reply saddend me. she said it was because she felt she had to leave a comment on everybodys blog that had left a comment on hers as she didn't want the people who had left comments to feel slighted. I then felt a bit bad, as i am rubbish at leaving comments on blogs. I read loads, i dip in and out daily, I love knowing what people are up to, and i feel a connection with alot of these bloggers, in a way that if i was passing by their house i would be able to ring the doorbell and say hi and stop for a cuppa, but still I don't often comment.
I would be really interested to know do you feel slighted by me not commenting? I hope not, feel safe in the knowledge that I read you on a weekly basis and just because i don't comment often doesn't mean I don't love you!! it just means that i try and squeeze my reading in while children are otherwise occupied - so i am maximizing reading time and minimizing typing time!!

. Anyway back to Erica and Moth design, Erica is an interior designer based in Canada, I love her style, and if I was in any way a clean, tidy person whose kids didn't leave a trail of muck behind them everywhere they went I too would dream of a house like this!

I really really want one of these little little 'lapa' rooms - lapa is zulu for 'over there'.
anyway enjoy your weekend.


  1. ooh that house does look lovely. it might not look as perfect if accessorized with hama beads everywhere like mine.
    blog ettiquette is so hard, I read with google reader, so I can read posts without going direct. so much quicker, but then doesnt contribute to a visitor count, and means I often don't comment...... I think we all feel the same as you - so hard to do everything. x

  2. I think everyone is in a similar position and can therefore understand that it's not always easy to leave a comment on each and every blog we all read but that doesn't mean we don't love the blog!
    For example, I don't think I've ever commented here, but that doesn't mean I don't visit and sit in awe at the lovely designs wishing I had the ability to do it myself :)

  3. Oh gosh! I don't think there should be an obligation to make reciprical comments to your readership...otherwise you wouldn't have any time to write all the lovely posts :-). I think it's good when writers put a follow-up comment on their own comments page responding to any queries from readers but I wouldn't expect them to visit all of their reader sites, no.

  4. I am with you Sarah, there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything in life! I try to respond to comments when I can.. but sometimes it is just impossible..... now I have spent more time than I planned on the PC this afternoon & have missed the opportunity to get out into the garden to pull out some weeds! it is now raining.. grrr

  5. on the topic of comments, which seems to be doing the rounds again at the moment, I'm not slighted at all when by not being commented on. I comment on blogs when the post requires or sparks a response in me, I'm not one for platitudes so if i don't have anything to say, I say nothing about it.

  6. Thanks so much for the kind mention! (*blush)

    I agree too on the topic of commenting. I find it hard sometimes to post with 5 boys (one being 2). It's a treat for me to visit. And it brings me to a quote by a sir Dr. Suess...

    “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”

    happy weekend lovely!! xo Erica

  7. i think i understand how she felt.i, personally, have no problem anymore with the comment part...i am happy knowing people read my is a matter of tim to leave comments, i often don't do it neither.

  8. I know I'm two months late but your post has struck a chord with me. This is something that as a relatively new blogger has been troubling me. I get lovely comments from all sorts of fellow bloggers. I simply love receiving comments and cherish each and every one. However whilst I visit each blogger who leaves a comment I don't always leave a reciprocal comment. Some blogs just don't do it for me I'm afraid. I feel I can only leave a comment if someone has posted something that inspires me or speaks to me -like you have here! It just feels hypocritical to force yourself to say something when you haven't got anything to say. I feel guilty because I do love receiving comments.