Sunday, 2 May 2010

weekend reading - seagarden

While i was doing the links for yesterdays post on the vintage handmade fair I became totally transfixed by Christines blog - a mermaids tale. Christine is from the Seagarden shop in beautiful Porthscatho on the Roseland peninsular.

We are off to cornwall for a few days soon so I feel I will have to pay the shop a visit, especially as her stall is one of the highlights of the vintage handmade fair (Jo bought some beautiful jars of bits and bobs.)

Anyway I make no apologies for the number of visuals from Christines blog, as there were so many stunning images, i just couldn't decide what would give you a flavour and entice you over there for a read.

so as miss B would say I have gone 'billy bananas' and here is a feast for the eyes.

Christine sells these beautiful asymetric bead necklaces in the shop.

and these brooches. - you know my fondness for detail, so i love the fact that they are on an old postcard.

these are some of the tags that were attached to items for sale - aren't they beautiful.

anyway go and pay her a visit either in person ant the shop or in a virtual sense at the mermaids tale. you will be dreaming of the roseland peninsular within minutes.


  1. Great to see you at the fair, sadly I have not yet been to Christine's shop! grrr

  2. What a wonderful collection of beautiful images. Thank you for sharing these:)

  3. You must visit the shop Sarah - it's even better in real life! And such a pretty part of the county - when are you coming down?

  4. Great stuff! Thank you for the introduction! I will go over to her blog and have a look as well.
    Ingrid xx