Tuesday, 1 June 2010

loving...cow parsley

It's June, it's pouring with rain and it's a shame to say goodbye to May, one of my favourite months. In recent years May has brought fantastic weather and the English Countryside is in it's prime, the trees and fields are green and the hedges absolutely brim with Cow Parsley. It looks good on the roadside, but also looks fantastic in jugs as an easy, rustic 'flower arrangement'. And I've noticed some lovely outdoor examples of this recently.

As well as the cow parsley being in flower, the cows are back on the Common for the summer it seems only apt to mention this great wall paper, designed by Belynda Sharples. I came across it while having a latte in Boston Tea Party in Barnstaple over Easter. They had it covering the walls. But the piece de resistance was half way up the stairs where they had a shelf, on the wall, with a row of simple glass bottles filled with cheery, bright daffodils. The contrast looked fabulous and it was one of those moments when you really wish I'd had the camera.


  1. Just to say I am inspired by your blog. I am somewhat late to blogging (as to everything!) but just love anything textiles, which is the inspiration behind my ceramics, so will be visiting you regularly.

  2. I love cow parsley, i put handfulls in old green glass bottles as soon as it is out...this time of year is wonderful for free hedgerow finds my kitchen is a blast with it at the moment, great post...S x