Wednesday, 9 June 2010

meet herman...

.... the latest (potential) answer to my baking problems! Both Boy and Hubby have been not too subtley hinting that they would appreciate a few more home baked cakes. Unfortunatley, as I've mentioned before, this is not my strong point. Those that are more successful than I have told me that precision is one key to successful cake making, so I've been trying really hard to follow instructions accuratley and to measure out ingredients perfectly and the results are improving but still not perfect. Though I must say neither Boy nor Hubby are complaining about the taste testing.

Any how I'm hoping that Herman may help. A friend came for coffee and bought 'him' with her. It's a friendship cake and the tupperware full of beige gloop that I was given is actually a yeast mixture that we have to stir and feed occasionally over 10 days before adding the final ingredients and wacking in the oven, then eating.

I'm intrigued. The children have taken responsibility for stirring him and tomorrow is our first feeding session, but what exactly are we going to end up with?

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