Saturday, 12 June 2010

the perfect antidote

It doesn't matter if you're a harassed house wife and mother of 3 or a stressed out London business woman, it always pays to take the opportunity to take time off and do something for yourself. Which is exactly what I did this week.

I've been dying to get to the V&A for ages. In my London days museums weren't free so I don't think I've been since studying History of Art A'level - quite a few years ago then! And of course there was the much talked about Quilt Exhibition and the Grace Kelly exhibition too. I went straight from Paddington to the Grace Kelly exhibition; I've always loved the Hollywood star to Princess story, and admired her wonderful style. It was great to see the clothes she wore but a still dummy does nothing for costume. But there were plenty of photographs and film clips that illustrated how graceful and beautiful she was.

Then I met up with 2 school friends to visit the Quilt Exhibition. A fascinating insight into the history of quilt making and has left me desperate to sort out my fabrics and make a couple of quilts for the girls beds. Though I think a lack of time and space may hinder my progress! Excuses, excuses.

But of course you can't catch up with friends properly in an exhibition so we stole off to The Humming Bird Cafe for a gossip (intellectual gossip and little talk of children, wonderful) accompanied by an iced coffee and a 'Black Bottomed Cake' and I bought a selection of cakes for the family. If you can't make them, buy them!

Next day, I tried to recreate it at home. Cakes survived the train journey and I whizzed together a frappe in the magimix, but it wasn't really the same.

Much as I love my family it was great, and refreshing, to have a day out to be Me. I recommend it to all.

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  1. oo00 those cakes look good, i need the secret to that frosting!