Monday, 26 July 2010

Campari and Prosecco

I find we always come back from holiday having made a food or drink discovery. This time it was Campari. A jewel red bottle stood on the drinks tray and each evening while the children hosed the sand off their bodies we had an Italian aperitivo. I felt like something from the Great Gatsby. I don't know what campari is made of and I still can't work out if I actually like it, but I love it!

Then someone suggested we mixed our campari with Prosecco instead of soda and I highly recommend this. It's not overly strong in alcohol content, but once you're 2/3 of the way through you really could be something from the Great Gatsby!

It's back to reality now, I spent most of today, the first day of the childrens school holiday trudging around a muggy garden centre looking at pond plants. I just wonder if I sit outside with one of the mini bottles of campari soda we brought back in our suitcase, will I be transported?


  1. How funny, I have just been reading about Campari in Victoria Moore's wonderful book How To Drink (there's more to it than you might imagine). She has a recipe for a drink called a negroni which is Campari, red vermouth and gin. I like the sound of prosecco better though. I think I might indulge in a bottle next week when the rest of my family are off camping.

    I have left a cooment on your May 29th post btw.

    Sue x

  2. I mean a 'comment' of course.

  3. Negronis were recommended to us too, we just didn't have the right ingredients - our version contains martini rosso rather than red vermouth. Anyway hubby was out the other night and couldn't resist the opportunity to try this new drink - he said it was wonderful!

  4. by the way - I'm enjoying a campari and soda as I write! Not quite transported but deffinately good

  5. Try campari with red grapefruit juice, lots of fresh mint and ice. It's fantastic in the summer!