Monday, 5 July 2010

gardener's weekend

Hubby has recently been sighing that I no longer make him things, in the days before children Advent calenders were made for his benefit and I often made him little gifts. Now he's been relegated to the bottom of the pile so I figured that perhaps for his birthday I would make him something. It meant that I could use one of my collection of match boxes that I've been dying to make into something since my visit to the exhibition by the Brunel Broderers and

As it was I had already persuaded Granny to look after the 3 rascals so I could take hubby off to Oxfordshire for a weekend of looking at gardens (hubby is a gardener) and staying in a B&B for garden lovers so all I had to do was make something that related to this.

The match box became this little brown suitcase (like Paddington's) which contained a miniature book with clues and gardening 'bits', including a piece of music called 'In my Father's Garden'. Hubby was really pleased with his first handmade present in a while and we're both looking forward to our weekend away.

Talking of suitcases I must go and pack a much larger one. We're off to Italy for our Summer holiday so you wont be hearing from me for a while.



  1. What a beautiful handmade present. I'm feeling guilty now, my husband is also very neglected these days since kids. I think, this week, I better finish off some pj pants I cut out in February!

    Have a lovely time in Italy - lucky you!

  2. Enjoy Italy. Loved the last post re the doughnut trail...